World Communications Forum welcomes Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan as the first Ghanaian member

The World Communication Forum Association has welcomed Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe as the first Ghanaian member since its establishment.

Kobi Hemaa is a corporate strategist and a communications specialist with over 12 years experience in diverse experience.

She is a Public Relations practitioner, brand influencer, media personality, public diplomacy strategist, entrepreneur, a consistent Made-in-Ghana product campaigner and a philanthropist.

In a brief welcome statement, the World Communication Forum Association president, Maxim Behar, indicated that the organization is pleased to have a Ghana representative in the Davos Forum, especially professional PR and marketer like Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe.

“I am more than sure she will be a very active member and also will raise the flag of the modern PR proudly in beautiful Ghana, so more people will join her. Last but not least – we still look forward to have our regular Forum in Davos, Switzerland and there we will welcome warmly the delegation from Ghana for sure,” stated Maxim Behar, WCFA President, who is a renowned writer and a global Public Relations expert.


Also known as “Ghana’s Pride” and the “Queen of Trade”, Kobi Hemaa is a woman who’s passionate about portraying Africa and has consistently maintained a constant brand of projecting African values.

Her first step in the media industry was at TV Africa. She hosted “Ghana’s Pride”, a television series that projects the rich Ghanaian culture while showcasing the various Ghanaian products on the market.

In 2014, she joined Light television as a Programs Manager and later rose to a Deputy Managing Director. After successfully developing strategic operation plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities established by the board, she joined Homebase Television as a morning show host and Head of Television.

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Over the past 12 years, she has hosted and produced: Ghana’s Pride on TV Africa and GTV, “Ohemaa Dwaso” on GTV and Adom TV, Exclusive to Cancer on Adom TV, Asempa Dwaso Morning Show on Light TV, Eboboba Morning Show and Beyond the Ballot, on Homebase TV. She has within the years directed other Tv programs, mentored and trained many young talents in the media landscape

In 2016, she was rated as part of the country’s top five female morning show hosts and the only female Broadcast Journalist and TV host in the Television industry who can run and single-handedly perform all the chain of sectors in the broadcast industry.

She was rated for her ability to “multi-task and perform ambidextrously” as a presenter, producer, marketer, programmer, concept developer, manageress, camera director, video editor and video editing director.

In December 2019, she was adjudged the TV Personality of the year at Ghana Leadership Awards for her exemplary leadership in the media industry and her consistent promotion of Made in Ghana for over a decade, which has had a significant and positive impact on advancing Ghana.

In a brief Twitter post, Kobi Hemaa, who is currently the Head of Corporate Communications for Ghana Post, Managing Partner of Sempoa Broadcasting Network, Vice President, Communications & External Relations for Sustainable Climate Change for All, Africa (SUCCA Africa), stated that she is looking forward to learning from global PR professionals to enhance her career.

Governments, businesses and academia around the world look towards the WCFA to build capabilities that can advance their own goals by participating in the annual agenda of the Association.

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WCFA is a global professional organization of communications experts with a head office in Davos, Switzerland. The Association gathers practitioners, top CEOs and managers, universities, institutions, and students. Thus, it creates a unique mixture of communications professionals and keeps them in a network as colleagues and close friends. Members are required to act as ambassadors of more professional communications in a better and more transparent world.