World Anaesthesia Day: Anaesthetists Society partners WFSA to create awareness for painless surgery

Ghana Anaesthetists Society is embarking on a campaign with World Federation Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) to create awareness about the use of anaesthesia to undergo painless surgery.

World Anaesthesia Day is observed annually on 16th October by anaesthetists to educate patients, thereby raising awareness and support for the scaling up ‘’human resources for anaesthesia’’.

An Anaesthologist Medical Director of FOCOS Hospital, Dr Irene Woluf, described anaesthesia while speaking on the New Day programme on TV3 Thursday, October 14 as a drug that makes you feel no pain when having any surgical procedure, thereby suppressing the activity of sensation in the central nervous system

She said: “Most people find it difficult when going for surgery but the thing is you will feel no pain by doing that in many ways.”

She added: “We can block a part of your body so that you won’t feel any pain there or some procedures you have to totally fall asleep for the surgical procedure and when we are done we take care of the pain relief, intensive care, post pain and chronic pain for people who might have pains for a long time.

The President of the Ghana Anaesthetists Society, Dr. Eric Fordjour, for his part, said his outfit is “partnering with the World Federation Anaesthesiologists to educate people about the procedures they need to know before anaesthesia is given to you”.

“With the patients, everyone is not the same. We talk to you to see if you have any disabilities, hypertensive, diabetic or allergies. You have to inform all this to make us know the procedure. We will explain to you the type of surgery you will have depending on your condition.

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By Regina Saka||Ghana