Working for free is profitable, money isn't the only way – Bishop Kakra Baiden

A preacher at the Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Kakra Baiden has urged the youth to take up the habit of working for free in order to gain employable skills for future prospects. According to him, the act of working for free is quite profitable and useful to the individuals who dedicate themselves to service. He stressed the need to define the profit that one seeks in any venture. According to Kakra Baiden, if one defines profits only in terms of financial gains, that person will always feel cheated if monetary rewards don’t come. He said there are a number of people who have gone through the school system to get an education for themselves. These people he said have acquired knowledge, yet they lack the basic necessary skills which will inure to their benefit. “We have a lot of people who have been educated but they lack skills. One of the best ways to develop skills is to work for free.” He defined skills as any kind of job which requires some specialized kind of training. Speaking in an interview on TV3 New Day about his new book, Bishop Baiden mentioned that  if a young man has interest in developing apps yet lacks the technical know-how, he stands the chance of learning that skill if he takes up a job with an app development firm for free. “As he sacrifices his time and labour for the firm; running errands among other duties, he gets to tap ideas and requisite skills from experts in the field. However, if that same man had merely expressed interest in learning app development he would not be given the opportunity.” Similarly, he cited the biblical anecdote of David who worked for his father, Jesse, as a shepherd for free. Subsequently, David gathered the skills of a fighter which he applied to defeat Goliath while trained soldiers ran away from battle. For his reward, David married a beautiful princess, got money and did not pay taxes. Bishop Baiden attributed this reward as David’s profit for working for free. “If you want to be a good businessman it is important to walk with a successful businessman and work for free. While you are doing that, his skills will be transferred to you. It works everywhere”, he said. He also linked the unemployment situation in the country to a lack of skills rather than a knowledge gap. According to him, there are many people who have finished university and remain unemployed. Touching on some aspects of his book,”Cryptocurrency: How to benefit from free labor”, he noted that “favor is the highest currency known to mankind. Favor is not money, but favor is invisible money”. For him, favor has the potential to open doors and grant people opportunities of a life time, something that salary may not be able to achieve.

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By Ferdinard Tiekon||Ghana]]>