Work on yourself – Titi Owusu brings a new perspective on taking a hiatus

Work on yourself - Titi Owusu brings a new perspective on taking a hiatus
Titi Owusu

Titi Owusu makes her first appearance after a long break from the spotlight. She appears on Showbiz 360 to talk to Giovani Caleb about taking her taking time off making music and her new single, Odo Ntia.

Titi Owusw was one of Ghana’s fast-rising stars with a talent to watch out for, especially after her performance in the Vodafone Icons music competition. 

Last night, Titi explained on TV3 the importance of working n yourself as an artiste. Accordingly, she pointed out that that period is a time to upscale and become good at what you do.

“As an artiste, I think you have to take some time to work on yourself. So during that time, I just kept doing a lot of live-life performances. You have to be ready.” 

Additionally, Titi explained that her craft has evolved, although she has never confined herself to one genre. “I wouldn’t like to be put in a box. I think I’m a genre-bending, genre-fluid kind of person. I think it’s only natural for humans to change. And so I cannot say that I’m going to do this particular thing for the rest of my life,” she added. 

Titi’s comeback simultaneously coincides with her new single, Odo Ntia, which she says will be the perfect Valentine’s rave. 

“Odo Ntia is a love song, not a heartbreak song. I really love love. I like seeing other people in love. I like being in love.”

Find Odo Ntia on all digital music streaming platforms. 

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