Women are very easy to deceive – ‘Facebook’ kidnapper confesses

Women are very easy to deceive – ‘Facebook’ kidnapper confesses
Sadiq Abubakar (aka Samuel Johnson)

A Nigerian man who uses a fake name on Facebook to lure and kidnap women disclosed that he preys on women because they easily believe strangers on online social platforms.

The Nigerian Force has arrested one Sadiq Abubakar, who has been charged with kidnapping and blackmail. According to Sadiq Abubakar, he uses a fake name, ‘Samuel Johnson’, online to scam women on the social networking platform.

He said, “My name is Sadiq Abubakar. I am from Kogi state. My social media name is Samuel Johnson. I do online kidnapping. Sometimes they do send me a friend request. Sometimes I send them a friend request. We become friends. I invite them, then I capture them, and I ask for ransom. So that is what I do.

My advice to young women out there is to be careful and trust nobody. And they should always be careful and be sensitive. . Women are very easy to deceive.

There has been a surge of missing persons in the country. Whilst some are found alive, others are found butchered or never found.
The most recent victory amid all the horrifying events is the return of the missing pregnant woman in Takoradi. She has been found alive and receiving treatment in the hospital. Head to our website 3news.com for more info.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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