Woman finds suicide note of husband whose sickness left them broke and in misery

Imagine finding a suicide note addressed to you by your husband who is still alive! Disbelief, shock, fear and perhaps anger, are among the several emotions that you are likely to have, culminating probably in tears. And that was the case of Mariama (not real name), who discovered a suicide letter by her husband while tidying their bedroom. Her husband whose sickness has made them broke, decided to bring to an end, the months of misery, hardship and problems that he brought to his family. It is unclear when the suicide note was written and why the man did not take his life immediately after writing the said note which was not dated. [caption id="attachment_94017" align="aligncenter" width="585"] The suicide note[/caption] Narrating her plight to Takoradi-based Connect FM, the woman said her husband of four years had been sick for sometime now and has lost his job as a result. She said her business capital was also affected as all funds went into the healthcare of the husband and it had gotten to a critical stage where the family was struggling to even get food to eat. “There are days we go without food “, she told Paa Kwesi Simpson, host of Omanbapa morning morning show on Takoradi-based Connect FM. The husband perhaps fed up with the situation, decided to end it all to relieve the family of being a burden, at least as was contained in the suicide letter. Touched by her plight, listeners of leading morning show in the metropolis started donating money for the distraught family to enable the woman restart her food spices business. The amount raised has since been donated to the woman by management of Connect FM. She could not help but shed tears as she received the undisclosed amount. She said she was overwhelmed by the love shown her and the entire family by the listeners. Meanwhile, the radio station, which is a member of the Media General Group, has arranged for counseling for the family, especially the husband. Mr. Simpson has thanked all those who contributed and urged others to contribute to help the family.

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By Ewurama Smith|Connect FM|3news.com|Ghana]]>