Withdraw monstrous sexuality education policy document, Akane Adams writes

Sex education is by far, a recognised means of admonition, care and protection for pupils in the basic schools and beyond. It is worth noting that, sex education focuses more on awareness creation to allow pupil develop the knowledge and sense of responsibility over their reproductive health status. This training and education is a universal accepted practice and norm for both parents and teachers to give to pupils. As a matter of fact, sex education should be encouraged at all levels from early parenting into adult life throughout the education cycle. It is however discouraging that, a new module of education introducing comprehensive sexuality is being forced down our throats and by extension, targeted at pupils in our basic schools which seeks to recognize and legitimize the ill practice of opposite sexual relations among pupil in our basic schools. This is disgusting and appalling to say the least. From the facts available on the official website of the Ghana Education Ministry, the new module on comprehensive sexuality education seeks to grant freedom of practice and association to any sexual preferences irrespective of one’s gender. This in my view and opinion, is immoral and a monster starring at us and waiting to devour our moral fibre and younger generation if entertained. Section 104 (1) (b) of our criminal code frowns upon unnatural carnal knowledge and other related acts such as sodomy. Therefore, any attempt to seduce, encourage, motivate, superintend and oversee any section of the Ghanaian public into practicing and associating with the opposite sex will be a gross violation of the criminal code provisions under section 104 (1) (b). This in my view, should not be contemplated let alone qualified as a policy document to oversee teaching and learning in our basic schools. Age is a key factor in learning and as such, the introduction of sexuality education or any form of advanced sex orientation as part of the teaching and learning curricula for our basic school children under age 5 will pose a great threat to the socio and moral growth and development of the pupil. The President is the chief overseer of all policy documents and I pray he did consider to withdraw this proposal in order not to soil the little gains of the Free SHS policy.

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By Akane Adams The writer is the National Treasurer for the People’s National Convention]]>