Winston’s Take: Stop the political violence now

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So why must somebody die in order that a parliamentary candidate goes to parliament. Why must someone get injured so a presidential candidate wins elections?
It’s undesirable to seeing people engage in all manner of violence just for someone to occupy a political office. No politician deserves a drop of blood to get him or her into office. Why fight for an individual’s political course. Last Friday during 3fm 92.7 constituency debate at Odododiodio, there was a clash between the supporters of NPP and NDC resulting in one person sustaining knife wounds.
Politics is an exchange of ideas and intentions with the hopes of executing if voted for, your duty as a citizen is to look at the options presented and choose a candidate. This does not warrant a fight for a candidate who possibly might not know you as an individual. If you love a candidate, the best approach is to market him or her rather than engage in violence.
Assuming you die in that violence, how would you see that person going to flagstaff house or parliament? I just cannot understand this. Besides why don’t the candidates engage in violence? That should tell you how they value their lives and it is about time you did same.
This notwithstanding, the police service, which has identified about 5003 flash points must ensure that they are on top of their game. Anybody who engages in violence must be arrested and prosecuted. The culture of impunity must stop.
13th September 2016
By Winston Amoah
The writer is the host of 3FM‘s Sunrise. Write-up was first broadcast on the station.

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