WINSTON’s TAKE: PUWU  must stop the sit down strike and get to work

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The Public Utilities Works Union (PUWU) are still on their sit down protest which they started last Friday 2nd September. According to PUWU they are fighting for our interest, therefore denying us the chance to report issues on fault, or make payment at ECG offices.
The question is: Why should we then suffer if they are fighting for us? They keep telling us they are fighting for us. They want to ensure that at the end of it all we are in a better position and yet you get us to suffer? If you are fighting for me, why do I need to suffer? I dare say that the workers of ECG or PUWU are fighting for their own interest. They find themselves in a situation and think the best solution is to inconvenience you and me so that their demands will be met. If they are not fighting for their own interest why would they want the person that they are fighting for suffer?
Whenever they go into meetings they come back to tell us that the meetings were inconclusive. If ECG had done things right, many Ghanaians won’t be singing the songs they find themselves singing now.  ECG, Your strategy this time is not working. Somebody must call them to order, they’ve embarked on an action without going through the right process. All they say is that, they’ve told management about it. What happened to the labor laws?
PUWU and ECG must begin to take consumers seriously. They can’t play with our lives because they are seeking their own interest. Enough is enough! Go back to work since government is bent on carrying out its decision. I see you are doing everything to ensure that the company is not given out on concession. If you had started these disconnections five years ago, ECG would be better placed to manage its affairs. So go back to work and next time don’t use Ghanaians as your bargaining chip.
By Winston Amoah
Winston’s Take is broadcast every morning on 3FM’s ‘Sunrise’ at 6:15am.

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