Winston's Take: Let us learn to be time conscious

Winston Amoah
Korean Ambassador to Ghana blasting Ghanaian officials for lateness to functions.
The Ambassador Mr. Lyeo Woon-Ki condemned the actions of the officials from the Ministry of Transport after waiting for almost an hour at a workshop to solicit the input of stakeholders for a master plan provided and funded by the Korean government for Accra. He said “Ghanaians should learn to respect time because it is a valuable and a precious resource.” This is an embarrassment to the state. It tells how unserious we are when it comes to issues of the country’s development. You have another country funding and developing a master plan to ease traffic flow in Accra and the officials get there late.
It’s as though they don’t care and in fact can’t be bothered. So far as they are concerned they will show up anyway so what is the big deal? For how long shall we continue to do this? We must learn to respect time and learn to report on time because nobody is going to increase the number of hours in a day because you are late. This is something we must learn individually and as a nation.
I remember the late President J.E Mills was so punctual to functions, when an event was supposed to start at 9:00am, he would be there before that time. This tell us how he was serious about getting the job done. Why can’t we ever be serious when it comes to issues concerning our country?  When you are in office, you are expected to serve and also expected to do the right thing so why do we always behave as if we are doing people favors? You don’t always go about doing the wrong thing and expect good results. This is a disgrace to us as a country.
Ghanaians deserve better!
By Winston Amoah
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