Why Anita Akuffo is sad GMB 2020 is ending

Co-host of the 2020 edition of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show on TV3 Anita Akua Akuffo has said she is emotional about the event coming to an end this Sunday, September 20, 2020.

On Sunday, six finalists will be slugging it out for the most prestigious crown.

It has been 12 weeks of stage performances which have seen 10 contestants evicted.

Anita, who has been with the ladies from the audition stages till now, wished all the finalists well ahead of the grand-finale.

“I’m quite sad it’s coming to an end but at the end of the day, we have to crown our queen and [I am] looking forward to it on Sunday.”

She added that it has been a great experience for her since she always take a thing or two from the show.

“I have learnt a lot, every single Sunday. I take something home, something I didn’t know,” she said in an interview with 3news.com.

The co-host of Ladies Circle on TV3 said the ladies have so far done perfectly well because it is not easy coming on stage every single Sunday to deliver presentations of what they have individually put together or read about.

She said that all of them are winners in their own ways, though it will be heartbreaking to contestants who will not be crowned winner.

“All of them are winners in their own ways; it will be heartbreaking for the people who will not win the crown.”

She advised them to enjoy whatever they do and put in their best in everything they do and it is a piece of advice she gave them from Day One.

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By Sheena Pankani|3news.com|Ghana