Who am I? I’m the Artiste of the Year – KiDi declares

Who am I? I'm the Artiste of the Year – KiDi declares
Lord KiDi

Who are you? The most controversial questions to ever pose to a celebrity. Some have mastered the art of response. And others, not so much. But KiDi saying he’s the Artiste of the Year is not up for debate – is it?

According to KiDi’s narrative awards celebrate one’s hard work. And looking forward to one is neither vain nor narcissistic. In his interview on TV3 New Day with Berla Mundi, KiDi revealed his shelve display which houses his prized plaques.

“Awards, it’s two ways to look at it. If you don’t win, you look at it like it’s just some award. But if you win, it’s nice. It’s beautiful. When you enter my sitting room, I have an award shelf there… It’s like a CV. You know, when you are doing a job, and you go to a country, and they ask, oh, who are you? In Ghana, he’s the Artiste of the Year there. It’s nice. But if you don’t get it, it won’t change anything.”

KiDi added that awards are motivations to do more for self and country. He said, “I always say the when you go to a girl’s house, and she cooks for you. When the food is nice, you always want to go back. When you get recognition, when they appreciate the work you do, you go back into the studio with motivation to do more.”

The 3Music Awards 2022 Artiste of the Year disclosed that he has over 20 pieces of tangible artwork to mark his successful music career. And it’s not going to stop growing because he won’t stop serenading us with good tunes.

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“I and the team are still debating whether we should drop a project this year or singles. So Whenever we are ready, we will let the public know. But this year, Charley, the fire can’t cool, can’t quench. And that’s exactly our small way to put Ghana out there. More music, more preparations,” KiDi concluded.

By Grace Somauh-Annan|3news.com|Ghana