Whirlwind destroys Senyo Hosi’s 4-yr GoGo rice mill factory at Adaklu

The GoGo rice mill factory belonging to former Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Mr Senyo Hosi, has been ripped apart by a storm.

He assured stakeholders to build back the factory stronger.

In a tweet, he announced that “Last week Saturday, a devastating storm and whirlwind ripped our 4yr GoGo rice mill factory at Adaklu apart I am grateful to Hon ⁦@KAgbodza@LudwigHlodze⁩ and Hon Letsa for commiserating with us on site within 24 hrs of its occurrence. We shall build back stronger!”

Senyo Hosi recently chastised the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) for churning out unreliable data after indicating that he lost millions of Cedis for relying on the data from the Ministry when he decided to go into farming.

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“When I used data from the Ministry of Agriculture, I lost millions,” he said during the 3business agribusiness dialogue on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

To him, there was no leadership at the Ministry.

He stressed, “There is a failure at the top, I don’t think we have an Agric minister in this country.”

But the Ministry asked him to provide further information to enable them to ascertain his claim.

The Ministry described his comment as unfortunate and said it undermined the integrity of the MoFA.

The Ministry demanded the nature of investments into which millions of Ghana cedis were sunk, the source of MoFA data that informed the failed investments, whether there was engagement with any technical directorate or senior official of the Ministry on the specific data related to the investments, and also whether a formal complaint was ever lodged, verbally or otherwise about the integrity of the data use.

Hosi subsequently replied to the Ministry stating among other things that “If you [MoFA] were really concerned about the commercial and social viability of investments in the sector as you seem to express, you would have been more responsible than ignore communication from one of the biggest rice investors in that district, region and the country. Respectfully, my address is known to your office and so if you are truly minded about my pain and the merits of my argument, you would have reached out to me directly while sharing public interest in mitigating concerns of industry.

MoFA asks Hosi to provide further details on claim he lost millions for relying on its data

“I therefore do not find your Ministry under the current leadership an honest policy partner in the development of my business to warrant any submission of my investment details for your consideration.

“I however entreat you to honestly audit the production, yield, investment, and subsidy deployment information you publish.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana


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