When there’s no identity, investors are scarce – Kwame Yeboah

When there's no identity, investors are scarce - Kwame Yeboah
Kwame Yeboah

Ghanaian musician, producer, recording- engineer and multi-instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah sheds light on some highlights that older generation musicians enjoyed on Showbiz360.

In a conversation with Giovani Caleb, Kwame Yeboah explained why there are fewer investors for the current crop of musicians to harvest. He explained how identity was a crucial musical element back in the day.

Back in the day, we used to have a billion highlife fans. If you heard Ck Man, you knew who Ck Man was. If you heard Nana Ampedu, you wouldn’t think he was Ck Man. If you heard another singer, you wouldn’t think it was that one. They all have their own different sound even though they all place highlife music.

According to Kwame Yeboah, this missing link in the structure of present-day musicians may be a contributing factor to investment scarcity.

“I think we are missing the people who are going to invest in this system. We are missing the planning of the whole thing. And we’re missing sound and identity.

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“Today, it’s a little bit more generic where the same beat that we hear from this guy is the same beat that this guy is singing along. So identity is one thing that I think we miss sometimes,” Kwame Yeboah concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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