When the Stars go dim…

Asamoah-Gyan sad
Asamoah Gyan will lead the Black Stars in Gabon

Football, the game of passion. The one thing which has the power to make a grown man weep like a new born baby and an elderly woman dance like a fish out of water. The game which unites like none other. Thank God for the Black Stars of Ghana, who made us one country united in football.

I remember vividly the enthusiasm with which Ghanaians embraced tournaments. Even friendly matches had their own buzz. The red, gold, green and black star seemed to soar higher and higher in the football world. I was filled with so much pride and joy during Brazil 2014, where the Black Stars of Ghana played Die Mannschaft of Germany. That was a game to remember. Of course, the whole country was mourning our loss to the United States but that game with Germany made up for it.

Fast forward to AFCON 2017. I heard it has started already. Is it true? Is it just me or Ghanaians seem not to be particularly interested? I know how much we love football as a nation. Have we lost the love for the game or did the happenings at Brazil 2014 make us lose interest?

Yes, it’s okay to request for what rightly belongs to you. Of course, you worked for it but so many questions that ignites anger and resentment remains. Was it necessary to fly money in a chartered plane across the ocean just to pay you? Was it necessary to sack players during the tournament? Couldn’t disciplinary measures have been taken after the tournament? They say any press is good press but dare I say that what we exposed ourselves to in Brazil was incredibly bad press.

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I felt so ashamed to raise my flag high. In fact, I ironed it and placed it back in my wardrobe. No harm, no foul.

I’m therefore not surprised that many Ghanaians are not rallying behind the Black Stars during the African Cup of Nations. You see, unlike what some people think, Ghanaians don’t easily forget. Especially when it comes to something they are passionate about.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the Black Stars, as do most Ghanaians. We wish them well during the tournament. We’ll be happy to see the cup in Ghana but just like a broken-hearted girl, most of us are still licking our wounds and being extra careful with what we invest our emotions in.

By all means, bring the cup back home and drive in your expensive cars. We’ll drink our sobolo and take troskis to work. For those who are following AFCON 2017, when is Black Stars playing? Please make sure your damage control systems are on point (especially ECG). We don’t want any casualties. And to the Black Stars, we are with you in spirit. When you get back home, kindly share with us your secret to staying this young after so many years of active play.

By Akosua Afriyie