What do y’all want from me? Tell me – Black Sherif questions

What do y’all want from me? Tell me – Black Sherif questions
Black Sherif

Fast-rising Ghanaian rapper and lyricist Black Sherif, creator of ‘Second Sermon’, is undoubtedly at his wit’s end as to the momentum of issues hurtling at him. And his response to the lastest clearly shows how stretched he is.

In a recent confrontation with a tweep who tried to drag him, Black Sherif set the record straight and asked to be left alone from the constant adversities. After barely making it out from the brouhaha with his manager, a social commentator on Twitter decided to take a swipe at him and paint him as anti-Accra.

Black Sherif’s response to this accusation, “Black Sherif told a Nigerian YouTuber that Lagos is safer than Accra, wow”, was, “Stop the cap, dude. I told Korty I can walk freely in Lagos cause nobody knows me there, and I can’t do the same in Accra cause I’m very famous here. That’s, literally, what I said, bro. What y’all want from me? Tell me.”

Maybe the tweep was trying to drag Black Sherif into the incessant Ghana-Naija wars on Twitter, but Blacko’s explanation clearly shows that was a reach. Head over to YouTube, watch the video and let’s hear your thoughts.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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