We’re tired of your outbursts and disrespect – Angry NPP footsoldiers chide Ken Agyapong


Angry grassroot members of the have expressed disgust at what they describe as the “unbecoming” behaviour of Assin Central Member of () .

The controversial lawmaker is notorious for his hot temperament, and his abrasive nature was in full swing during NPP's Super Delegates Election on Saturday, as he was captured, launching scathing tirades at President Nana and amidst swear words.

He also threatened to send the ruling NPP into opposition, claiming one of his agents had been manhandled.

Kennedy's stunning effusion has already landed him an invitation to the party's Disciplinary Committee, and now many grassroots members are up in arms against him.

Popular grassroots member of the party, widely known as Kwabena Nyame, has called the bluff of the flagbearership aspirant, describing him as a self-seeking individual, who is out to destroy the party.

“We are tired of you Kennedy. You have no regard for anyone in the party and you feel you are untouchable. How do you publicly speak like that against the President and the Vice President without any provocation from any of them? What have they done to you to warrant such disrespect and outbursts from you?” the angry NPP sympathiser asked.

“As for you, you are always insulting everyone in the party and threatening to take the party to opposition. We are tired of you.

“You claim you are fighting for members of the grassroots but we know it is a lie. You are only fighting for your interest not the welfare of the party, that is why you can speak against the President like that and threaten to take our party to opposition.

“You have had enough from this party so you can afford to speak anyhow and even talk about sending the party to opposition. You are okay, so you don't care if the party goes to opposition. What about us at the grassroots?”

Another angry member of the NPP returned fire on Kennedy Agyepong in another viral video, describing the flagbearer aspirant as an “empty braggart”.

“Who are you to say you will send the NPP to opposition. Can you send the NPP to opposition? Let me tell you, Kennedy Agyepong, that NPP won't go to opposition because of you. The party is bigger than any individual,” the angry party member said in the video.

“You should be grateful to this party for who you are today. You have been pampered in this party so you think you are bigger than everyone in the party. Let me tell you today that you're nobody and the results of the election clearly shows that.”

Many other NPP faithfuls have also expressed disappointment at the conduct of Kennedy Agyepong on , as his vow to give and Vice President a “showdown” went viral.

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