We’re saddened by exit of Fighters – #FixTheCountry movement

Commander-in-Chief, of the Fighters, Ernesto Yeboah

The #FixTheCountry has expressed disappointment at the exit of the Economic Fighters League from the #FixTheCountry movement.

This was contained in a press released issued barely 24 hours after the Fighters had pulled out from the movement.

Leadership of the Economic Fighters League in the early hours of Monday December 13, 2021 announced the exit at a press conference at the Fighters’ Awoshie office.

Announcing its decision, the Commander-in-Chief, Ernesto Yeboah said, “we have invited you here today to inform you and the general public that the Economic Fighters League is no longer part of #FixTheCountry conveners, emphasis on #FixTheCountry conveners.”

In explaining its reasons for exiting the movement, the Fighters explained that the movement, among other things, no longer offers an honest and credible mobilization platform which the #FixTheCountry denies.

But the Fixthecountry Movement said “We are saddened by the decision of the EFL and the aspersions cast unto the #FixTheCountry, particularly as no specificity was provided to allow us to fully understand what the issues are.”

“We reiterate our commitment to mobilizing in a non-partisan manner. However, we wish the EFL well in its new pursuits. We are appreciative of the relationships we have built and we regret that our journey has ended prematurely.

“We remain open to exploring opportunities to dialogue and collaborate towards building a New Ghana based on patriotism, accountability and honesty,” they added.

The #FixTheCountry movement began in April this year as a means to demand an equitable distribution of social resources and amenities.

By Kabah Atawoge|3news.com|Ghana

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