We're not in bed with government over 13% fuel hike – GRTTC

The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council, GRTTC has warned it is not in bed with government following the increment in fuel prices.

Fuel price was reviewed upwards to about 13% effective Saturday June 5, 2021.

General Secretary of the GRTTC, Emmanuel Ohene Yeboah said the GRTTC is trying to balance the equation by making sure their members stay in business whiles the consumer also doesn’t suffer too much from the increment.

The GRTTC, which fixed the price review in consultation with the stakeholders including the Ministry of Transport, said they have no influence over the taxes placed on fuel.

“Where the consumption is too much that we have to pass it on to the final consumer that is when we come in but in terms of policy decision we don’t come in. Mind you, we are not in bed with government. Let me say that we are not. I shudder to ask that those who are opposed to the decision are they also in bed with somebody else?.

“We are not politicians we are business people like any other person we do business and we want good environment to operate in. If we increase our prices so high we may even lose our customers”.

He told Alfred Ocansey, Host of the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show on Thursday.

By Richard Bright Addo I 3news.com|Ghana

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