We’re not carrying out any census in 2023 – GSS dismisses reports

Government Statistician, Prof Samuel Annim

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has cautioned the public not to deal with anyone or agency via any portal in the name of recruiting officers for a census this year.

These unscrupulous individuals are reportedly promoting the said fake recruitment portal on social media and are misleading/enticing unsuspecting members of the public to pay recruitment fees to them,” the Service said in a press release on Tuesday, March 14.

It noted that the individuals have set up a fake portal to prosecute their agenda.

Members of the public are hereby informed that GSS HAS NOT launched any recruitment campaign for any 2023 Census,” the released stressed.

It is important to note that population and housing censuses are decennial, and are, therefore, conducted every ten years.

“As a result, the next census is anticipated to be conducted in 2031 given that the most recent Population and Housing Census (PHC) was carried out in 2021.”

The Service said it has rather opened a recruitment portal for an upcoming project – Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) Phase 1 and Ghana Living Standards Survey Round 8 (GLSS8).

It said, notwithstanding, it has not authorised anyone or agency to conduct recruitment on its behalf.

It said its official portal is used for such purposes.

Management of the Service is warning that anyone caught “in the illegal act of using the name of the Service for fraudulent recruitment operations will be handed over to the Ghana Police Service for prosecution”.

“Members of the public are also urged to report any person who has collected moneys from them with the view to securing them jobs with GSS via the helplines and email address provided in this release.”


  1. Corrupt and selfish leaders always wanted to be smart in their decisions.

    How many of the surveys have you opened officially to engage the so- called trainers, you trained for 2021 PHC ?
    You claimed to keep trainers in a centrailzed data base for surveys and you end up picking your own interested ones for participation, why wouldn’t there be fraudulent people joining you in your race ,?
    You are just like the fraudulent team themselves. You are now alerting who? Alert yourself and do what is right as a leader.

    Create reliable system for effective recruitment system and stop this struggle and finally , try and create your own job for yourself ,and so you can also employed the youth, that is a good leadership example .

    Always stressing the need for youth employment yet you do nothing for the country rather thinking about your selfish gain , nepotism and favouritism.

    Wrong choices for effective leadership in Ghana.


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