We're 'embarrassed, scandalised' by officers' involvement in crime – Ghana Police

The Ghana Police says it feels embarrassed and scandalised by the rate at which some of its personnel are engaged in all kinds of organised crime in the country. Reports are rife in recent times of the involvement of some police personnel in all manner of crimes including armed robbery. Some officers have been arrested for among other things, either engaging in armed robbery or renting out their arms and ammunition to criminals for mostly robbery operations. Two policemen at Weija were recently arrested for giving out their official arms and ammunition to criminals. A total of 10 cases have since this year been recorded across the country. Commenting on the issue Thursday, the Director General in charge of the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau (PIPS), COP Kofi Boakye said such conduct is regrettable, and indicated they were determined to fight it. “I must be honest with you, we’re all embarrassed and scandalized by such behaviour,” COP Kofi Boakye admitted. [caption id="attachment_72779" align="aligncenter" width="582"] Some police officers[/caption] He assured the public the Police administration is “determined to reduce such behaviour if not eliminate it to the barest minimum”. COP Kofi Boakye admitted the statistics are getting alarming, a situation which raises questions about the security of the people. “Agreeably, there has been seemingly increase in Police involvement in crime and it’s quite embarrassing to the police administration” he observed. He however said all police personnel who were arrested for their involvement in various crimes have been made to face the law and may  lose their jobs if found culpable. “Most of those who have committed those offences are already in court and we will see to it that they are dealt accordingly to law and on our part, we are also doing the service inquiries and such people if proved that they actually involved themselves in such cases, will be dismissed and the law will take its course”, he assured. He maintained that the police administration is working around the clock to find plausible ways of reducing or getting rid of such conduct within the service. “We have analysed our training procedures to identify the training gaps which more or less maybe necessitate this kind of behaviour so that we will train people, train them well, so that they can imbibe and internalize the values that may reduce such crimes in the police service”, he explained.

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