We’ll do anything necessary to liberate ourselves – Ernesto Yeboah

Commander-in-Chief, of the Fighters, Ernesto Yeboah

Leader of the radical Nkrumahist movement, Economic Fighters League, has confidently forewarned and assured the ruling elites of Africa that the youth out of no choice in the misery they find themselves, will do anything necessary to liberate themselves.

He threw this word of caution when he appeared on the famous Prof Toyin Falola’s ‘Toyin Falola Interviews’ which was co-hosted by Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Afia Pokua and Dr Charles Prempeh, on April 24, to all leaders across the continent to take the plight of their citizens seriously and make conscious and deliberate efforts to have them solved because there is a general cry for change in every nook and cranny of the continent.

Mr. Yeboah also revealed that the desperation of the youth is so heightened that on many occasions the youth have requested for guns to be donated to them. This they say will help them in their liberation struggle. Mr. Yeboah cautioned African governments to quickly act to address the widespread poverty and joblessness to prevent a full blown war.

To buttress his calls, the radical firebrand told Afia Pokua, “By what we do, we engage many people, we go to many places, we travel across the length and breadth of the country and sometimes in mid speeches, you are just stopped and then somebody from the crowd  just tells you, ‘we need guns’.

This is because they feel that guns are the way by which they could close the gap. In fact, there are some who feel that for Africa to rise to the level where we all expect, there must be a full blown war and they will often point to the example of Rwanda, saying that it was after the war that Rwanda had the breathing space to be able to put themselves together.

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“In fact, our own Kwame Nkrumah in the Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare said that we should take to arms in liberating ourselves and so we have to interrogate that space carefully and to understand that what we are doing is simply holding the fort and preventing the avalanche of violence from becoming the fulcrum around which people garner hope and people should understand that very clearly, otherwise, it looks like we are heading for that collision.”

Pressed to tell what it will take to prevent the youth from taking to violence, Ernesto said there is the need for a coherent vision and political and social inclusion, which is why the Economic Fighters League has been at the forefront of the fight for a new Constitution for Ghana. “We need to have a coherent African vision owned by the African people and it has to be consciously pushed by the leadership and all sections of society,” he said.

By Kabah Atawoge|3news.com|Ghana