We only celebrate our own when outsiders applaud them – Mr Drew

Apparently, Mr Drew shares similar sentiments about the scarcity of support from Ghanaians for their home artists. He shared a tweet that implies that musicians in Ghana are not appreciated enough by their fans.

Mr Drew shared a tweet after the infamous Sarkodie interview in Nigerian, which ousted Ghanaians as an unappreciative bunch who did not know when they had a good thing. He wrote, “We only celebrate our own when that person or party is being applauded by outsiders.. the whole mentality is f**ked.”

During Sarkodie’s media tour in Nigerian, a radio presenter made an observation that did not sit well with most Ghanaians even though Sarkodie ab=greed with the assertion. He said, “So, that’s huge for you as Ghanaian artiste to sell out the Apolo. And it took me, a Nigerian radio presenter, during my research … It’s almost like we don’t hear about this stuff. It’s almost like it’s not happening. So I feel like we recognize how talented you are. You know what you are doing, especially not just for Ghanaian music, what you are doing for African music as well. I think that our Ghanaian brothers and sisters, it’s almost like they don’t know what they have. They should actually show you so much, love.”

To which Sarkodie nodded in approval and confirmed that these words were factual and honest. Now, it seems that Mr Drew also feels the same way with his latest tweet.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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