We need to add value to our events – Jonilar, digital marketer

We need to add value to our events - Jonilar, digital marketing exec

Jonilar explained the need to have ‘added value’ on our events on 3FM’s Showbiz 927. According to the digital marketing exec, event organisers should aim to create experiences instead of the one-time opportunity to listen to their favs from a place.

“When it comes to events, we have to move from the old way of organising events. People jam and then go back home. No. These days people go to events not necessarily to enjoy music but to experience the atmosphere. To have a good feel of what is going on. So whilst you want to do these events you also have to consider or look at certain things that can let people stay even if there are no chairs.

Jonilar continued to explain that organisers can create in-event purchases with concepts that can raise money whilst engaging patrons. He added that this is a foolproof strategy to create lasting memories guaranteed to yield continuous patronage.

He also pointed out that it is in an artiste’s interest to start by organising a free event. He adds that this is to assess the artiste’s strength to help make informed decisions in the future.


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