We need a constitutional order that frowns on winner-takes-all syndrome – Majority Leader


The Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has called for an amendment to the of the Republic of .

Although the Constitution has served well, he said, there are aspects that are no more relevant to the current realities.

“The 1992 constitution has no doubt served some good in the last three decades, I must, however, admit that some assumptions underpinning some reformations no longer hold or are not supported by current social-political realities,” the for Parliamentray Affairs said while speaking at a ceremony to mark 30 years of Parliamentary .

He added “This underlines the calls by various stakeholders for the review of the 1992 Constitution. It is time to re-engineer our constitutional architecture to conform to today's realities.

“We need a constitutional order that frowns on a winner-takes-all syndrome and promotes collaboration, collectiveness and consensus building,” he said on Wednesday.

“We need a constitutional order that would mitigate the winner takes all attitude and prevent the do-or-die combat associated with our elections. We need a new constitutional order that would prevent the constant increase in the number of seats in .”

The Suame lawmaker stressed that “We need a new constitutional order that would put a cap in the number of ministers of state. We need a new constitutional order that would ensure that the of Parliament is a serving member of Parliament.”

The 1992 constitution, as the supreme law of the land, provides for the sharing of powers among a president, a parliament, a cabinet, a , and an independent .

Through its system of checks and balances, it avoids bestowing preponderant on any specific branch of government.

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana

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