We even do more than MPs – U/E Assembly members demand percentage of Common Fund

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Assembly members in the Upper East Region are demanding at least 5% of the MPs Common Fund.

They claim they spearhead more developmental projects in electoral areas and deserve to have a slice of the Fund in order to prosecute those projects successfully.

Speaking in an interview with Media General’s Tanko Mohammed Rabiu, the Dean of Presiding Members in the Upper East Region, Eric Akurugu, said they would even wish for the entire Common Fund.

He said they have already relayed their request with the government through the Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Decentralisation.

“We are rather doing the more work and sometimes the Common Fund doesn’t come to us,” Mr Akurugu said. “But it rather goes to the MP, on whose behalf we are doing most of the work.”

“I don’t see the reason why they should be given the Common Fund.”

He proposed an Electoral Area Fund to precipitate development in the local areas.

For him, the foremost role of the MP is to enact laws and not lead developmental projects.

Mr Akurugu also bemoaned the tendency of central government embarking on projects without the knowledge of the assemblies.

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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