Watch: Ghana, a throwback story [episode 4]

Ghana will in days celebrate 60 years of freedom, 60 years of absolute control over her resources, 60 years of economic growth and development, 60 years of enriched national identity, 60 years of independence. Or is Ghana about to celebrate 60 years of neocolonialism, 60 years of institutionalized corruption, 60 years of self hate that causes us to flee from our country to the West in search of ‘better living conditions’, 60 years of highly acquired foreign taste that leaves us continuously chained to the shackles of our slave masters? Ghana turns 60 in a few days, 60 years of what? ________________________________________________________ Watch also: Watch Now: Ghana, a throwback story [episode 3] _____________________________________________________ By Ayerkie Narnor||Ghana    ]]>

NPP youth oppose Akufo-Addo's nominee for Ejisu-Juabeng


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