Warning! Ketogenic diets not good weight loss method – Ghana Dietetics Association

The Ghana Dietetics Association (GDA) is cautioning the general public against falling on ketogenic diet in an attempt to lose weight. According the Association, there is a resurgence of the use of the ketogenic diet as a weight loss method in recent times. The Association indicated that losing weight requires a long term sustainable plan instead of quick fixes. “Achieving weight loss demands personalized interventions – a planned diet and lifestyle changes; sometimes combined with drug, hormonal or surgical therapy. Interventions should be feasible and result in measurable gains over time, without causing hunger or starvation,” the Association indicated in a press statement. It further posited that the ketogenic diet is not the current, evidence-based, recommended diet for weight loss. This, the GDA said, is because it is difficult to sustain in the long term and has potential side effects including high cholesterol levels, dehydration, kidney stones or kidney injury, mineral deficiencies, low energy levels, impaired sleep, among others. “We would like to underscore the fact that the ketogenic diet is predominantly used in the management of epilepsy and other seizure disorders, to prevent recurrent seizures. Rapid weight loss only happens to be a secondary effect of the diet.” The GDA, however, said if one prefers to be on the Ketogenic diet, he or she should see a registered dietician for guidance. On nutrition and healthy living, the GDA advised that it is important for all persons to consume high quality protein foods. “Eggs are one of the few foods which are an excellent source of choline, which helps in brain development in children and is especially good for pregnant women and lactating mothers. “It is the position of the GDA that eggs are safe to be eaten by all persons unless one presents with an egg allergy, sensitivity or intolerance. As part of a healthy diet, we recommend a daily intake of one whole egg for a healthy adult of child to make room for other good sources of protein like fish, meat…” The Association encouraged the general public to be cautious of where they obtain nutrition and health advice so that they are not confused or put in danger. “Speak to a dietitian for sound evidence-based advice on all your nutrition-related problems because he or she is trained and competent to do so,” the GDA noted.

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