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Wallet of NSMQ mistress found on Legon campus; guess what happened to content

Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffman[/caption] A wallet containing some items belonging to the mistress of the just-ended National Science & Maths Quiz, Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffman that got stolen together with her bag has reportedly been found. The wallet had no money in it when it was found on the premises of the University of Ghana, a sister to Dr. Effah Kauffman, Belinda Yaa Dankwaa Effah confirmed in a Facebook post on Saturday. Dr. Kauffman’s drivers’ license and ATM cards were found in the wallet, she said. They are however yet to identify the person who dropped the wallet there. “Update from NSMQ Mistress’ stolen bag: Wallet/purse inside the bag has been dropped at the University of Ghana.” The wallet was inside Dr. Effah Kauffman’s bag that was stolen at the National Theatre when jubilant crowd poured on stage to celebrate the win of Prempeh College in the quiz on Thursday. Belinda, responding to comments about the found wallet on her Facebook wall, said: ” Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann thanks whoever came to drop off the purse. She says she needs to have a perfect score so the bag also has to be dropped. “The purse has her IDs, drivers license and ATM cards. The cash is gone. She needs the reading spectacles to solve the problem of 2 days!” Source: 3news.com | Ghana]]>

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