Wagner Group chief blasts US and its allies

After the fierce media attacks launched by the United States of America and its allies on the private military company Wagner and its application of a package of sanctions against it, including its inclusion in the list of terrorist organizations, the Wagner Group issued a strongly worded statement on Sunday evening, the fifth of this month, after holding an emergency meeting that brought together 427 members of Its leaders with the company’s president, Mr. Yevgeny Prigozhin, and they came out with strict decisions that include classifying the governments of the United States of America, Canada and Britain as illegitimate governments, due to their failure to apply the principles of democracy on their lands, persecution of their own people and rigging elections, and what happened in the United States of America of rigging the presidential elections in 2020 was cited, according to which John Biden was placed as president.

The statement also included accusations against the aforementioned countries of being involved in creating extremist terrorist groups and financing them in various countries that experience local conflicts and instability, such as the situation in the countries of the African Sahel, which have become a haven for various extremist groups funded and supported in their activities by the three countries mentioned in the statement.

Political analyst and journalist Abdul Akamba spoke in this regard and supported what was stated in the statement, mentioning that Ghana is located next to the Sahel countries that are witnessing serious local conflicts, and said that it has become clear that the spread of extremist groups such as ISIS and Daesch in the African Sahel region, despite the presence of peacekeeping forces and American forces in the region and international organizations, is indeed a plan of the three countries to destabilize the countries of the region that are rich in all natural resources.

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The main goal of those countries is to achieve purely colonial goals in the region and plunder what can be plundered from the natural resources. Akamba also added that this is a critical and dangerous situation that The Sahel countries suffer from, and it will negatively affect the security and stability of Ghana. He states that the presence of international organizations in these countries serves the American interests there, especially since they have often been involved in providing financial and informational support to terrorist organizations, which is a well-known fact.

The statement also touched on the racist tendency that characterizes the governments of these three countries, which has become clear in their practices even on their soil. The daily killing of black American citizens by the policemen is the best evidence of the racism that American system performs, as is the case regarding the persecution applied to Muslims and the orthodox minority in these countries, without forgetting what is happening on the lands of these countries of expulsion and persecution of races like the Slavic Russian race and Asian race.

Akamba also commented on this point, where he said that the lives of black people in the United States have become very cheap, and what is happening in terms of killing them by the hands of policemen was planned by the American government that wants to reduce the black population on its lands.

It should be noted that Mr. Prigozhin, at the end of the statement, expressed his willingness to help the oppressed people from all over the world, including the people of the terrorist-financing countries mentioned in the statement.

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Source: Cairo Agencies 


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