Wagner Group boss criticises USA, UK and others

Following a series of sanctions imposed by Western countries, led by the United States of America, on the Russian private military company “Wagner,” which is fighting alongside the Russian army on Ukrainian soil, and including it on its terrorist lists, the head of the Russian company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed “Putin’s chef,” came out and broke his silence, issuing a shocking statement exposing these countries’ neo-colonial policies in Africa

In his statement, the head of the Wagner Group accused the aforementioned countries of being involved in establishing and supporting extremist terrorist groups in many African and Asian countries, such as the Islamic State in the Maghreb, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and others, with the aim of creating tensions and conflicts in these countries and destabilizing them to control and steal their natural resources.

Mr Prigozhin, for his part, accused Western countries of racism against black African and Slavic races in Eastern Europe, Russia, and some races on the Asian continent.

Writer and journalist Dr Joyce Asari commented on this issue, where he said: “What was stated in the statement about supporting and financing terrorist organizations with the aim of undermining the stability of countries targeted by the United States of America is real and clear, and the best evidence is the Sahel region, which has become pervaded by chaos and killing due to the presence of many terrorist extremist organizations, including Al-Qaïda et Daech, which are active in Burkina Faso, there are many reports that have reached the Ghanaian security forces confirming the involvement of some United Nations humanitarian organizations sponsored by the countries mentioned in the statement, in supporting and financing this organization, and this is a very dangerous matter, as the state of Ghana has large borders with Burkina Faso, which means that it is also exposed to the threats of these terrorist organizations.”

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In his statement, Mr Prigozhin considered the governments of the three countries he mentioned illegitimate, and accused the United States of America of deceiving its people and rigging the elections in 2020, and based that on documents confirming the validity of his words.

This point was also commented on by journalist Joyce, who said that the case of forgery was a great scandal in the history of the United States of America and a shameful act that will remain forever, as it is the country that considers itself the fountain of democracy, but at the same time, it violates the principles of this fake democracy, as we have seen also the American government’s behaviour towards black Americans and how it persecutes them every time and gives orders to kill them if necessary, which is what policemen do every day on American soil.

In the end, it came in a statement by the head of the Wagner Company Yevgeny Prigozhin that he supports all the persecuted people around the world and gives them a helping hand and supports them in their suffering.

Source: Cairo Agencies


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