W/R: Premix C’tee Chairman accused of smuggling

Two taxi drivers have been arrested by the Kwesimintsim Police Command for allegedly smuggling six drums of premix fuel to a fuel station at Asakai in the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipality in the Western Region.

Narrating events leading to the arrest of the two taxi drivers Pope Pius and Anthony Nyankom, the NPP Polling Station Organizer for Aboadze Roman Catholic, George Abakah, told 3news.com that he had information on Monday morning that someone had smuggled premix from Bentir in the Shama District and that the product was on the move.

He quickly took a car, disguised himself and followed the vehicle.

Mr. Abakah says he trailed the car to a fuel station at Asakai in the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly.

“I trailed the car to a house at Asakai called Liberia House. Then I called the police after the taxi had discharged the premix and left. The fuel attendants bolted when they saw the police men. When we entered we saw three drums filled with premix and six empty ones. While we were packing the products, we saw another taxi pulled in with the same products. In the presence of some people around, the taxi driver Nyankomm told me that the three drums he was carrying are from Bentir in Shama.”

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Driver of the first vehicle with registration number WR 706 12, Pope Pius, admitted at the Shama District Police Station that it was the Premix Committee Chairman for Bentir, Kwesi Woode, who hired him to send the products to the fuel station.

“Kwesi Woode told me in the morning that there is a tank he wants to empty. So he asked me to take some premix to Aaskai which I did.”

According to him, he normally transports premix fuel to other places and even went on a similar errand three days ago.

In the meantime, Western Region Premix Coordinator Simone Peter Yanyi Akofur has expressed worry that despite the stringent measures instituted against the smuggling of premix, the illegality still festers.

“There is no question of diversion from the orders to the supplies. If there is going to be any diversion, then it will be at the last point like we are witnessing. So there must be stricter measures at the last point as well.”

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The two taxi drivers have been handed over to the Shama District Police Command for investigation.

The Shama District has for years been facing challenges with premix diversion.

One person who has constantly been accused is Millicent Emilia Aikins, a member of the premix committee for APO, a suburb of Shama.

3news.com saw her among some fishmongers rejoicing.

According to her, the arrest vindicates her.

She is confident that with time all the real culprits will be exposed.

By Eric Yaw Adjei|3news.com|Ghana


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