W/R: Kidnapped girls lured with employment – Police

The suspect, Sammy speaks with a Nigerian accent and has been declared as “dangerous” by the Police[/caption] The Western Regional Police Command says its investigations show that the three girls who have been kidnapped in Sekondi-Takoradi were lured by their kidnapper with a ploy to get employment for them. Police Commander DCOP Vincent Redeemer Dedjoe explained that a call history between the kidnapper, Samuel Wills, and the victims showed a constant communication, ostensibly about a promise of employment. He added investigations also show Mr. Wills has established some sort of a relationship with the victims before they were eventually kidnapped. However, he said the police have found new leads they are exploring and are confident they will lead to the discovery of the three kidnapped girls, who are currently being held hostage in an unknown location. “The accused person earlier made mention of four persons alleged to be involved in the kidnapping. The police have made strenuous efforts to arrest these suspects from their hideouts but to no avail”. DCOP Vincent Redeemer Dedjoe also said the police are collaborating with Interpol to confirm their intelligence that Mr. Wills has a criminal history of kidnapping in Nigeria. After his arrest, Mr Wills escaped from police cells once but was recaptured and arraigned before court on a charge of escape from lawful custody. Judgement will be delivered on Monday, January 28. “Criminal investigation is a gradual process and if you don’t take care you will sidestep a lot of things. The case we are dealing with is not like a case of a missing child. This is a well thought through act so we also have to act tactfully. “We are not treating it with kid gloves,” DCOP Redeemer Dedjoe stressed He shrugged off suggestions that the kidnappings have led to a state of insecurity in Sekondi-Takoradi, saying the victims “were not going to the market or to the church and were picked but had established a relationship with the prime suspect before he could kidnap them”.

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