Vote for me to put the NDC and Ghana back on track — Sly appeals to NDC delegates

Speaking to branch and Constituency executives of the Odododiodio constituency in the Mission to Nations Chapel on Saturday, 5th January, 2018, Mr. Mensah expressed optimism that the NDC is coming back to power in 2020. He declared: “I have come here to assure you that we are winning the 2020 elections” which was greeted with rapturous cheers and thunderous shouts by delegates at the meeting. Delegates have expressed satisfaction about Mr. Mensah’s assurance that under his leadership, everyone will get a job to do for a living. They have promised to vote for him as the flagbearer of the party in 2020. Before the meeting, scores of enthusiastic party supporters who support Mr Mensah’s bid joined the team to pay a courtesy call on Nae Wulomo (head of traditional priests in the Ga state) and his elders. Mr. Mensah took the opportunity to inform the Nae Wulumo and his elders about his bid and his mission to meet with the constituents of Odododiodio. The Nae Wulomo commended Mr. Mensah for paying homage to his authority and called on all to support Mr. Mensah as a son of the land who is blessed with the qualities of leadership. The Nae Wulomo said a special prayer for Mr. Mensah and pronounced blessings on him for a successful bid. Source: | Ghana]]>

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