Volta region: NPP, NDC accuse each other of plotting mayhem

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With barely 40 hours to the crucial December elections, members of the two major political parties, NDC and NPP, are trading allegations against each other, all in the name of canvassing votes for their candidates.
Deputy General Secretary of the NDC Koku Anyidoho, has debunked allegations of his party planning to foment trouble in the Volta region.
He has rather accused the opposition NPP of trying to intimidate Ghanaians living in neigbouring Togo, by inspecting their voter ID cards.
“That’s what they intend to do but because we have exposed them, they must run to come and accuse us. But the interesting thing is that at a meeting with some of the NPP boys yesterday, they told me that for the fact that I have held a series of press conferences here in Ho to expose their agenda, they are prepared to record their leaders and bring to me”.
He further claimed that the NPP Regional Chairman has been to Togo, inspecting voter ID of some nationals purported to be non-Ghanaians.
“Isn’t it ironic that you Joseph Amenya, who is a Togolese migrant who has come to Ghana and become a Ghanaian can say people are Togolese so they shouldn’t vote? When these people have valid voter Identity cards”?
“He just confessed on an Accra based radio station that he personally checked their ID cards; that he was able to determine who Ghanaians are and who are not. He doesn’t even know that he can be indicted for the things he is saying”.
But in a sharp rebuttal, NPP Volta regional Chairman, Joseph Amenya claims the NDC plans causing trouble in the region and attribute it to the NPP.
“The NDC has shared face masks to some youthin Ho and other places to use to cause mayhem. But one of the youth handed the mask over to us and said he doesn’t want to be part of the planned mayhem.
“We believe what the youth is saying because we have been following their comments and what is going on, on the ground.
“Our concern is that our people should be alert and vigilant on the Election Day. This is not any operation to cause trouble in this region.
“The NDC through the police command is interpreting this to mean causing harm and panic in the region to the extent that we were invited by the police command to explain them. We did and they were satisfied. So what is their problem is it the operation that is the problem or the eagle eye?
“Our argument isn’t that Ghanaians shouldn’t vote, we are saying non- Ghanaians shouldn’t vote in these elections.”
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