Vodafone Ghana CEO schools students on entrepreneurship

Patricia Obo-Nai[/caption] CEO OF Vodafone Ghana Patricia Obo-Nai has advised young graduates to do more than just relying on their academic credentials if they are to make it in life According to her, employers now focus more on value addition since many more people have attained a degree, making the job market a lot more competitive these days. Taking her turn on TV3’s Time with the Captains, the first Ghanaian CEO of Vodafone Ghana said her outfit receives a lot of job applications daily, but urged students to develop themselves and build their potential more to make them exceptional. “You can imagine the number of applications that will come through for a particular role and everybody will have a first degree, and virtually everybody will say I have done my masters, but what is unique about you because the people in the room will not be looking at the name or and everything like that, they will be looking at what else you have to offer and at least for me what I look out for is what has the person done with her time. “So you have your vacations, were you even a sales agent for somebody, it means you’ve learnt to work in a team, you’ve leant to interact, you have leant to manage change, you have built your integrity, you have done something with your time”. Commenting on the high number of unemployment in Ghana, the Vodafone CEO encouraged the youth to venture into entrepreneurship since everyone wants to work for someone. She said the biggest barrier is the mind and therefore challenged them to endeavor to seek solutions to the problems of life which will propel them to become relevant. According to Patricia Obo-Nai, many people fear taking risks because they are uncertain of the future. Asked whether the biggest challenge was not capital, she insisted the biggest problem was finding solutions to problems instead of capital.

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Taxing mobile money Meanwhile, the Vodafone CEO is opposed to the taxing of mobile money transactions. She believes it would discourage a lot more people from using the service and also undermine the country’s digitization agenda. She also believes the telecoms sector is being heavily taxed. Watch the show By Paa Kwesi Asare | 3news.com | Ghana]]>