‘Vodafone 1-2-Free’ adds new twist to customer satisfaction

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Agnes Emefa Essah is the Marketing Director of Vodafone Ghana
Vodafone Ghana has introduced an innovative daily offer called “Vodafone 1 – 2 – Free” which gives prepaid customers free 60 minutes to call Vodafone numbers or 5 free minutes to call other networks, after every second call.
This means that prepaid Vodafone customers who subscribe to this offer can enjoy every third call for free regardless of the number of minutes spent on the first two calls.
It is a classic response by a progressive telecommunications company – that is always on the lookout for ways to ensure customers are satisfied and are comfortable with the relationship with the network. In the current dispensation, where customers have access to the greatest choice possible; telcos have their work cut out for them to ensure the attraction and retention of customers.
And Vodafone Ghana is clearly leading the way in Ghana.
Sharing the rationale for the new product, Marketing Director of Vodafone Ghana Agnes Emefa Essah expressed excitement about the “unique” service to customers.
“The competitive industry landscape means that we are always coming out with new things. Customers, I must add, are not outsiders to our business. They are in fact its purpose and we will go to every length to make sure of that. Customers do us a favour when they allow us to serve them.”
Since its inception onto the Ghanaian telecommunications scene in 2008, Vodafone Ghana has consistently been very aggressive in creativity and innovation – ensuring that an overall strategy of making the customer the central point of all its does and delivers continue to be very visible and essential.
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