Viral infections: GUNSA wants all students vaccinated in 2018

The Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Association (GUNSA) is asking the government to undertake a nationwide vaccination exercise in schools in the wake of viral infections. GUNSA in a statement on Saturday encouraged government to start the exercise early next year. “Vaccinate and deworm all students at the commencement of new academic year,” it suggested. Government should also fumigate all second cycle schools nationwide against bedbugs and other disease-carrying insects, it added. GUNSA is also asking the government to among others:

  1. Decongest schools, especially boarding houses, following revelation by the Ghana Health Service that the crowded nature of classrooms and dormitories at SHSs poses a challenge to students.
  2. Strict adherence to disease management procedures and communication protocols in future occurrences.
  3. GUNSA urges both the Ministries of Education and Health to map out permanent strategies to prevent future outbreaks since it is commonly known that between April and October every year, threats for such incidence becomes more eminent.
  4. We appeal to the private sector, especially Pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with government in the supply of free medical products to halt the situation.
  5. The Ghana Education Service should strengthen Guidance and Counselling Units as well as Good Health Promotion in all second cycle schools.
“As a student organisation, GUNSA intends to embark on a nationwide School Health Education Campaign to compliment government’s efforts to ensure a conducive environment for teaching and learning in High Schools,” the statement said. Read also: Tempane SHS student dies of meningitis Source: | Ghana]]>

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