[Video]We don’t respect tradition because of Christianity – Captain Smart grieves

We don’t respect tradition because of Christianity – Captain Smart grieves
Captain Smart

According to Captain Smart, Christianity has made people disregard ancient traditional rites laid down to guide the people.

Captian Smart made this revelation on the Maakye show on Onua TV. He cautioned the people to stand up against the dwindling respect for Ga traditional rites. Using his hometown as an example, he pointed out that one dares disrespect the directives of the traditional council.

If you cannot protect your won tradition. Me, Smart, I can’t come and protect it for you. If you come to our end, you are even afraid to open your mouth to insult Asantehene. Who are you? But in this town, they can catch a king and lash him.”

Captian Smart is championing regaining the symbolic importance of our culture and heritage. And in the process, he has slammed Christianity as the source of indignation. He said, “It’s about time we make sure that chieftaincy in Accra is heavy. I have fought with a pastor before at Madina. The pastor said he won’t follow the directive for no drumming.

When you were starting your church, wasn’t Ga’s there already? Before your church, the Ga land was there. Before you and I met Christ, who were the custodians of the land? I understand that God is the one who created us. But who are those who kept the land for you to have any to build your church? he questioned.

“The other time, I heard some pastors have organized a press conference that they would not understand because of Freedom of Religion. Nowadays, we don’t respect anything tradition because of the so-called Christianity. The Bible even talks about submitting to principalities on earth.”

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By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana