[Video]The Throne: Amerado resurrects hard after Obibini ‘Deceased’ him

Video]The Throne: Amerado resurrects hard after Obibini ‘Deceased’ him
Apparently, killing Ghana’s ‘rap saviour’ would not be an easy task because Amerado has come back with punchlines to reclaim his throne.

Obibini went all hard and personal on Amerado in his ‘Deceased’ freestyle, which was supposed to put the Kumerican rapper in his place – ‘the least of all Kumerican rappers’. But Amerado is not ready to stay buried after just a few shots.

Amerado allegedly jabbed Obibini in his freestyle verse on Tim Westwood show. Obibini replied that the Kumerican rapper “has not reached”. This angered Amerado. And he dared Obibini to respond in the studio if he is a better rapper.

Amerado replies Obibini:


By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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