[Video]’Table of Men’ members are saboteurs – Prince Mckay

'Table of Men' members are sabotagers- Prince Mackay
Prince Mckay

The motive of Table of Men, an association of gospel artiste managers fighting for gospel musicians, has been questioned by Big Event Ghana boss Prince Mackay.

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere on Onua FM, the event Director of Big Event Ghana said Table of men are destroying and sabotaging the dreams of upcoming gospel artistes.

“For instance, this man here manages a gospel artiste. My friend also manages one. We form an association called, Table of Men, and then decide what happens in the gospel music industry.

“When upcoming gospel young men are doing so well, pushing their brand to the top, you don’t want to allow them to make it.
That’s what they are doing,” Prince Mackay alleged.

This is not the first time an industry player has accused the group of sabotaging some industry players. Prince Mackay also accused them of attacking the National Gospel Music Awards Award scheme( NGMA). He recounted that the group approached his brother Sergio Kwabena Dwobeng, CEO of NGMA, to add them to the NGMA Board. But he refused because they tried in many ways to destroy the scheme.

You know my stance on these things. I stand for fairness and credibility. So if you are managing an artist, how can you be on my board for gospel music? And you are managing a gospel artiste? So you will come and influence me to put your artist there if he or she does not qualify? From day one, you should know that this is not the platform for you because you have compromised yourself,” Prince Mackay shared his displeasure.

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