[Video] Prof Kwamena Ahwoi’s “Working with Rawlings” draws criticisms from party bigwigs

NDC stalwart and former minister under Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi has come under severe criticisms from some party bigwigs following the release of his new book, “Working with Rawlings”.

The book, which appeared to chronicle the working relationship between the former local government minister and his boss while he was president, is already getting some backlash.

The former local government minister highlights what were the cause of some seeming friction between Rawlings and the late President Mills among others.

But in a Facebook post, former president Rawlings has vowed to deal with elements he describes as

“persons with callous agenda of bile by the likes of Kwamena Ahwoi, who are desperately seeking control of the NDC party.

Mr. Rawlings noted, ‘the NDC could, should and has survived on the authority of the word but if care is not taken, it will collapse and drown as has been happening, on the word of those in authority.’

Meanwhile Chairman of the Volta Regional Council of Elders of the (NDC), Dan Abodakpi, has described the recently launched book as “wholly inaccurate or patently false.”

In a release…Mr. Abodakpi said ‘he will never be an accessory to any grand agenda to delink President Rawlings from the National Democratic Congress as the Party that he Founded’.

The former High Commissioner to Malaysia under Prof. Mills has vowed to fiercely resist what he calls attempts to misrepresent the facts behind the true story of the Revolution and the NDC Party.

Jerry John Rawlings may not be a ‘plaster Saint’ but he certainly does not deserve this from people like Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi who quite frankly were gifted the privilege to participate in building on the foundations of sacrifice established by the Founder,’ Mr. Abodakpi said.

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By Komla Adom|3news.com