[Video]Pascaline Edwards shares thoughts on nudity in Ghanaian movies

Renowned Ghanaian actress, Pascaline Edwards has shared her opinion on what she believes are some of the issues bedeviling the Ghanaian film industry.

The “Ripples” actress is worried a good number of today’s film content at best portray disrespect and nudity, a situation which according to her puts the movie industry in a bad light.


“In our culture , there are certain things we don’t say no matter what , so we don’t translate them into movies , bad content means that you don’t disrespect your parents , but we show movies with all the disrespect, so what are we teaching the generation? The celebrated actress queried.

“ We show nude movies , those days we pricked your mind, but these days we show you the real thing, so where are going as an industry or as a nation “ she observed .

The evergreen actress, aged 51, is of the opinion that aside offering pure entertainment, movies should be able  to educate, offer key life lessons and impart positive moral values.

The “A Stab in the Dark” actress noted that institutions like the censorship board which was more vibrant during her peak days ensured that unwholesome content did not find space on Tv.

“ I remember back then we had the Censorship Board , even if you said excuse me “Shit” you will go back, re-shoot that part and take it out. But now anything is allowed to go on air and it is frustrating “ The visibly worried actress fumed.

She simply wants movie producers to up their game.

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In line with the Ghana Month celebration, Tv3’s weekend entertainment show , “Simply Showbiz” relived the 90s with three of the times favorite movie stars ; Bob Smith Jnr (Diabolo Man) , Brew Riverson Jnr and Star actress, Pascaline Edwards

The revered actress featured in movies like “Diabolo 2”, “Forbidden Fruit” and “A Stab in the Dark” a breakthrough project which saw her play the role of a student who seduced her friends father (Played by Psalm Adjeteyfio) and ruined their happy home .

Pascaline Edwards who now doubles as a costumier is currently on location, shooting a yet to be released series

By: Konxept Worae|3news.com|Ghana