[Video] I stopped attending NDC congresses since 2000 – Dr. Tony Aidoo

Tony Aidoo[/caption] A leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Tony Aidoo has slammed the party for placing premium on elections at its congresses instead of capitalizing the congress platform to formulate policies for the party. According to the former ambassador to the Netherlands, the decision by the party to limit activities at these congresses to elections, made him decide not to attend any of such congresses. “I stopped attending NDC Congresses as far back as 2000 because our congresses never extended to the discussion of policies and programmes. It was only for elections, elections of  party officials and the flagbearer who razzmatazz and we go.” Speaking at the launch of the progressive intellectuals, a social democratic network, he said the party ought to stick to its value of coming up with policies that benefit the masses. “We are supposed to be social democrats…, and what do social democrats do, they consider policies and programmes that inure to the benefit of the wider and larger majority of the population,” Dr. Tony Aidoo noted. Watch full video: Source: 3news.com| Ghana]]>

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