[Video]Date Rush: Are ladies so choosy, what turns them on or off?

It’s been just four weeks and the testimonies have been fabulously scintillating – ooh yes, they have big time! Some guys have had to be bounced just as some ladies have had luck eluded them on getting the Mr. of their dreams. That’s been the ‘sweet and sour’ story on TV3’s newest reality show, Date Rush – a weekly date matching reality show. The excitement keeps building up each week. But how did successful candidates pull it off and what exactly is it about the guys who got the ladies competing for their attention? We have seen in the previous episode a gym guy turn on seven of 10 ladies spontaneously, but could that be the only magic that works on ladies?

How about the guys who got “bounced”, what is it about them too? Here is a compilation of what the ladies on the third episode of Date Rush said about the two bachelors: Genesis and Xorla, who came searching for dates. The middle-height slim dark-skinned Genesis on first appearance caught Priscilla’s eye but on a second thought, she changed her mind saying, “He is not as hot as I thought he was”. For Priscilla, her ideal guy for a date is “someone who looks manly and cute”. But what a minute! Can someone define or tell us what constitute ‘manly” looks? In the case of another lady, Tina, Genesis although a cute guy, he does not have the specs she wants in a man. Whew! Does this in anyway confirm the notion of women being choosy? “He is cute though, but I like guys with muscles; he is too small for me”, Tina said blatantly, but could not explain her likeness for the money-minded Xorla. “I just don’t like him”, she said. The dance-freak Selasie simply could not stand competition, and thus did not like the money-minded ladies’ man Xorla. “The fact that he said he likes women; I don’t like competition, I don’t want to fight over him with a[nother] woman”, Selasie said but would readily fall for any guy who shares in her interest – dancing, so she can give him a good treat. “I like guys who dance, and I love dancing as well, as at least when he is bored, I can twerk for him”, Selasie said turning on for Genesis. Abena must have been swept off her feet by the mere sight of Genesis. The conspicuously excited Abena already envisioned an excited future with Genesis. As to what exactly informed that decision remains in her word: “He’s so cute, it’s so obvious he will be fun to be with; he is my type of guy”. Overall, the girls had their various ‘tastes’ and were looking forward to having those tastes satisfied. Mimi for instance was straight to the point, “I want a handsome, humble and a thick-tall guy”. Tanifa is the adventurous type of person, somewhat curious and would want to try the seemingly interesting Xorla. “He is interesting, I want to know more about him”, Tanifa opened up to Xorla. Did she get to try him? Well, watch the rest here, just right below
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Kukua seemed to have given credence to the saying that “If money grew on trees, women would marry monkeys” as she fell for Xorla because of his money-mindedness. “He is money-minded, and girls love money so [I’m in]”, Kukua did not mince words. As the love pitching dynamics played out, Genesis and Xorla, like happened in the previous episodes, got to grab two of the ladies for an all-expenses paid dates. Date Rush shows every Friday at 8:00 pm on TV3. By P.D Wedam|3news.com|Ghana]]>