[Video] Young cerebral palsy patient defies odd to pursue dream

A young cerebral palsy patient, Yorm Emilson, is confident and determined of growing up to realize his dream of becoming a Software Developer.

Yorm, despite his predicament, has learnt to use his toes and a wheelchair to overcome every hurdle life has thrown at him.

He was not born with his disability until at age 5 when he fell down on his way to school, and that marked the turning point in his life.

After several hospital visits, Yorm was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Yorm’s speech and movement was affected as he lost the ability to use his hands and legs.

He decided to make use of his toes, with which he creates beautiful artwork.

Yorm wants to become a Software Developer in future, but fears this dream may not materialise as support for persons with special needs in Ghana is low.

He is currently home and finds solace in his drawings, hoping that someday, somehow, someone will make his dreams of getting an education to become a software developer a reality.

Watch Yorm’s inspiring story


Source:| Ghana

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