[Video] Untold stories of the Adenta-Madina highway accidents

Pedestrians dangerously crossing from one of the abandoned footbridges[/caption] The government has come under intense pressure from the media and the public, especially residents in and around the  Adentan municipality in Accra to complete the footbridges on the Adenta-Madina highway. There has been town hall meetings by the residents to mobilize support to press home their demands and a recent accident which claimed the life of a young lady forced residents to temporarily block the highway in protest. The death of the young lady adds to the many who have lost their lives on the road, largely because there are no safe crossing places. Six footbridges, which were expected to make the road safe for users have been abandoned half-way for close to 10 years causing an estimate of  200 people to perish, with several others left with permanent disabilities. While some of the accidents have been widely reported in the media, there are several other tragic stories that probably missed the media attention. As the campaign continues to get the footbridges fixed, TV3 went digging to uncover the untold stories of some of the people who have been affected by the road. TV3’s Bridget Martey brings you more in the video below: By 3news.com|Ghana]]>

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