[Video] Stop sucking breast like you are chewing sugar cane – Empress Gifty

Stop sucking breast like you are chewing sugar cane – Empress Gifty
Empress Gifty

According to gospel musician and relationship adviser Empress Gifty, men need to be gentler when handling women’s breasts, especially during sexual intercourse.

Speaking on The Empress Show, she said that many women have complaints about how men handle their breasts. According to the women, it is a huge turn-off and can even be painful sometimes.

“Men who suck their wives breasts like they are chewing sugar cane should stop. They said I should tell you that their breast is hurting. They said you fondle the breasts like you are chewing sugar cane. When you put it into your mouth, you tag painfully on the nipple.”

According to her, the Bible says women are the weaker vessels. So when should be careful when handling their fragile female partners. She likened the appropriate way to properly hold the breast to an uncooked egg.

Empress Gifty also shared a few bedroom tips on how couples can initiate sex with their partners. She pointed out that sometimes one partner may not be in the mood, but the other partner can dispel any cobwebs with soothing words and touches.

OnuaTV spoke to women to seek their opinion on this assertion by Empress Gifty, and they agreed with her. According to one, some men have intense passionate responses, so they cannot control themselves. Others are first-timers who are naïve about how to handle breasts more gently.
According to women, the breast should be sucked gently whilst softly massaging areas around the nipple for maximum enjoyment.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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