[Video] Residents chase out ‘prostitutes’, beat them to pulp

The ‘prostitutes’ in an attempt to escape were seized and beaten

Some ladies suspected to be prostitutes, were Saturday night chased out of their rooms by some angry residents of Kpaguri, a suburb of Wa in the Upper West Region, in a daring attempt to stop illicit sex trade in their neighbourhood.

The five alleged prostitutes, who attempted to escape mob justice, were captured by the residents and beaten to a pulp.

Their rooms were then ransacked and their personal belongings set ablaze in front of their home, eyewitnesses said.

Four of the five alleged prostitutes were on admission at the Upper West Regional Hospital receiving medical attention as at Monday afternoon.

Police told 3news.com that the victims who have been on a collision path with the residents were under investigation over allegations of sex trade following a case reported against them on December 10, 2017 by the community led by the assembly member for Kpaguri.

They were arrested on December 13 but released for investigation into the matter after their statements were taken.

Neighbours told 3news.com that the ladies have since coming to the area almost a year ago, been offering sex in exchange for money, something the residents disapprove of.

According to them, having the alleged prostitutes live in the neighbourhood with their children have the tendency to influence the children into engaging in such immoral, illicit sex trade, and eventually corrupt their children morally.

The residents claimed the owner of the house refused an invitation from the ‘Tendaamba’ of the area. The meeting was to get him to ensure that the sex trade going on in his house was stopped.

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But the landlord was said to have openly stated that he bought the land on which the house sits and duly paid for same hence could not be compelled to a meeting by anyone.

Again, he was said to have declared at the Wa Naa’s palace that he would not relocate the occupants of the house.

The residents told 3news.com that Saturday’s incident was triggered by the failure of the owner of the house to meet a deadline to relocate the alleged prostitutes given to him by the Wa Naa.

Eyewitnesses said angered by the posture of the landlord, the angry residents stormed the house at about 7:00pm Saturday, and chased out the ladies as they hit them with various objects they laid their hands on.

They suffered bruises and cuts all over their bodies

They then removed the personal belongings of the five ladies and burnt burned them together with the fence of the house which was made with straw.

Meanwhile, the assembly member for Kpaguri Electoral area has been arrested in connection with the mob action against the suspected prostitutes. The police have described him as the ring leader.

Watch the ‘prostitutes’ being chased out and their belongings burnt.

By Yakubu Abdul-Gafur |3news.com|Ghana