[Video] One Year of Covid-19 in Ghana: Retracing the story so far

Vaccination remains the best protection against Covid-19 infection, the Ghana Health Service said
The Covid-19 case count in Ghana continues to spike.

Isolation and treatment centers, remain full.  Many others without symptoms continue to walk around.

One year on, Ghana is still hanging on.

Between March 12 2020 and now, over 650 people have died. Ghana’s total confirmed case count is nearing 90,000. Some re-imposed restrictions on weddings and funerals appear not to be yielding much.

In fact, those restrictions are better off not in place, on the evidence of what we see on weekends.

It’s now more of personal responsibility than the healthcare system accounting for you.

Because in some of the private facilities, you would have to cough up at least 20,000 cedis by the time you are being discharged from hospital; that’s if you are lucky to make it.

But with the commencement of the vaccination programme, targeted at 20 million Ghanaians, government hopes to get the situation under control.

In this report, Komla Adom retraces what has happened since Ghana first recorded Covid-19 cases a year ago.


By 3news.com|Ghana

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